Historama, September 2

The first steps made by Russia and US towards creating the ISS space project and the 10th anniversary of one of Moscow’s most controversial monuments are the subjects of tonight’s Historama.

­One small step towards the ISS

­On September 2, 1993, Russia and the US agreed to take part in a joint project to build the International Space Station.

America’s vice-president, Al Gore, and Russia’s head of the Council of Ministers, Viktor Chernomyrdin, signed the document which opened a whole new era of international co-operation in space.  

Although the idea caused disputes on the American side, it was finally approved – by a margin of just one vote – in Congress.

The first element of the ISS was launched by Russia in 1998.

Now it serves as a research laboratory for 23 countries.

­Adult vices – specially for children

­Ten years ago on this day one of Moscow’s most controversial monuments was unveiled in the center of the city.

The sculpture, by Mikhail Shemyakin, aimed to depict all the adult vices which affect innocent children – war, poverty, ignorance, alcoholism.

The sinister figures are portrayed approaching two children who are visibly unaware of the lurking danger.

In the center stands ‘Indifference’ – a figure with its eyes closed to the evils of the world.

Some Muscovites considered the composition too frightening for children to see.

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