V-J Day celebrated across the planet

V-J Day celebrated across the planet

Published: 03 September, 2011, 17:46

V-J Day celebrated across the planet (Kuril Islands, 1945)

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Prime Time Russia,
Neil Harvey,

Today the world celebrates the end of the most deadly conflict of the 20th century. The surrender of Japan 66 years ago brought the Second World War to an end.

­The conflict took the lives of tens of millions of people from more than 50 countries.

In Russia, it is being officially marked for the second time.

Hundreds of people in Russia’s Far East gathered to honour mariners who died in naval battles with the Japanese fleet. Vladivostok marked the day with a military parade. Despite rather cool weather in Yuzhno-Sakhalink, people brought wreaths to the ‘War Glory’ memorial.

During the summer of 1945, 12,000 Soviet soldiers died defending their country’s coast.

Today: 17:12

Historama, September 2

The first steps made by Russia and US towards creating the ISS space project and the 10th anniversary of one of Moscow’s most controversial monuments are the subjects of tonight’s Historama.

Today: 20:12

Moscow State University: animated and conquered

This Sunday, Moscow will mark its 864th birthday with a new mayor and a whole range of celebrations including a huge light and laser show on Sparrow Hills at Moscow State University.

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