Iran Nuclear Deal – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

G342423423“One of the saddest lessons of history is if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth… Carl Sagan, astronomer

The Iran nuclear agreement has been signed in Vienna by Iran and the P5+1 parties, but it is not a done deal yet. There was limited reaction after the first day, as many of the key people were catching up on some sleep after 18 days of negotiations. No one can ever say that this was not a hard fought negotiation by both sides.

But the world was not sleeping. People were celebrating the world over for a variety of reasons, and I will start with the least reported. I celebrated because the agreement confirmed that the Iran nuclear weapons program hoax was just that. None of the Western parties, including rogue nuclear state Israel, ever put one shred of proof on the table that their Intel agencies had been holding back that Iran had a such a program.

Israel had been claiming for two decades that Iran was only a year or two away from “the bomb”. And the US, with its constant mantra that “all options are on the table”, inferred that if Iran did not stop its march toward “the bomb”, then military action would be necessary to stop it. When push came to shove, we now know officially we were lied to.

Corporate media censored this major part of the story out of the news, and was most accommodating in the new agreement opposition strategy, to replace the old hoax with several new ones, to bury the memory of the first one. The language changed to preventing Iran from ever having a program… again, confirming that it had not had one. If they thought we would be too stupid to notice this, they were wrong.

The Israelis are sticking with Bibi’s “it’s a bad deal” broken record response, as they frankly don’t seem to be able to think of much else. There are some new spin wrinkles, like Iran can use its unfrozen wealth to engage in more regional terrorism and supply weapons to it’s proxies in that effort. This is a total fraud, using an old con from the Cold War days. You just broaden the definition of what terrorism is for your opponent without ever announcing it officially.

Freedom fighters smeared as terrorists

Iran’s support for its allies in the region against Western aggression that includes massive terrorist operations directed towards regime change is being described as “engaging in terrorism” by the Israelis and the US NeoCon detractors and even by Obama in his statements this week.

Due to the West’s efforts to crush Syria and Balkanize it, the Syrians are holding terrorist prisoners from almost 100 countries. Some of them are flowing in from CIA terror training bases in places like the Pankisi Gorge area in the Republic of Georgia. Turkey and Israel have their own underground railroads running them in and out of Syria and Iraq.

When the Veterans Today team was at the Syrian counterterrorism conference last December in Damascus, we were shown a pile of the terrorist KIA I.D.s. No Iranian ones were present. And I don’t think Iraq has captured any Iranian terrorists there either.

So we see the US and Israel want to use the new hoax of “Iran the terrorist sponsor” as a smokescreen for their widely-known terrorist operations which have greatly destabilized the region. We also have solid proof of the US, Israeli and Gulf State funding and training elements of ISIL, while simultaneously targeting other parts of it.

Our Intel sources are telling us that ISIS radio traffic monitoring is showing a decline in Arabic, and an increase in Russian and Balkan languages. The Arabs are being killed off as cannon fodder, while the latter are getting some live fire field training for their later deployment to pipeline interdiction in the Balkans and to move ISIS inside the Russian border. I would call this state-sponsored terror.

The Good – Economic benefits

Now let’s look at some of the good, for Iran and the West. A lot of Iranian business investment deals have been negotiated during the interim agreement. The early mention that removing banking and economic sanctions had been already agreed to did not get a ripple in the Western press.

The removal gave Iran incentive to compromise on some of the hold out issues, which it did on the arms embargo being extended for a number of years. In return, it gave the green light to ink all of these foreign investment deals, which both sides wanted. In the EU especially, we will see a ripple effect of big deal announcements, and a number of good paying jobs will be secured by new export trade with Iran.

This bonanza will create a new lobby to fight against the deal killers within the Israeli lobbies and their political puppets. The economically stagnant European countries are desperate to cash in on new Iran export trade, as it will certainly be able to pay its bills.

I predict that Israel’s hardball stance of “to hell with what the world wants, we want to be the only major military power in the region” is not going to be as accepted as it has in the past. Payback for all these years of the Zionists telling everybody to go to hell will find Israel becoming the isolated party, not Iran, particularly as its economy becomes a backwater to what Iran’s will become.

Our estimates show a potential of $600 billion in foreign investment in the first ten years. If the Israelis think they are going to bomb everybody’s investments and walk away without some severe damage, they will be making a big mistake. Israel deserves to be sanctioned for all it has done, when Iran has been sanctioned for what it did not do.

As the hoax of the Iran threat has boomeranged on the West, so will the New Cold War hoax, with its claim that Putin wants to retake the old Soviet empire to threaten Western Europe. I have not found a soul that really believes this, so I don’t know where the Pentagon finds the people to dream these silly stories up.

All that this Western aggression is doing is speeding up the Eurasian economic, political and military integration, where NATO will just be a flea on Eurasia’s behind. And it looks like most all of the major infrastructure projects for the next generation are going to be on the Eurasian continents, with Europe getting an umbilical cord in the form of the New Silk Road. Western financial sanctions have an effective expiration date on them, as firewalls are being built against them at light speed.

The Bad – Western state sponsored terror will continue

The bad thing is that the real terrorists in the region, whom you can find simply via the body count of their victims, are going to continue their killing, because it has nothing to do with traditional military threats, but market and trade domination. That war will continue in Syria and the new northern front in Ukraine and wherever pipelines are being planned to go where the West does not want them.

The Western house of cards banking system and debt structure could trigger the historically used military conflict to then trigger “emergency powers” legislation, where a country can be financially turned inside out by whatever cabal is in power at that time. And unfortunately, big terror attacks blamed on some patsy seem to be the favorite tactic in these looming financial crisis situations.

The Ugly – Nuclear terrorism is already here

And that brings us to the ugly part, and the final hoax… this silly talk by the opponents of the Iran agreement that the deal will trigger nuclear proliferation by those countries wanting to protect themselves against the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran will somehow be able to hide.

This charade is being put out as another diversion to keep hiding the dirty secret that nuclear proliferation has been going on a long time in the West. Israel started its nuclear program with help from the French early on. Years later, the US turned over all of its old Davy Crockett 1950s era tactical nukes to Israel — 350 of them — in a rather large breach of the non-proliferation treaty.

The IDF showed one of them to an astounded Col. Jim Hanke, who was an embassy attaché at the time. When he asked where they had gotten it, they said “from your people”. Col. Hanke is a Veterans Today board member now and used to be the next door neighbor to the Netanyahus, dinner parties and all.

More US nuclear stockpiles have been pilfered since then, with the help of insiders. Special recovery teams have been trying to track them down, as was the Able Danger team that had the Israeli art students under surveillance in Fort Lee, NJ, before 9-11. Mohammed Atta lived two blocks away from them and was seen walking over to visit the Israelis on a number of occasions.

Ex-IAEA inspector Jeff Smith, VT’s science editor, was co-team leader of the New York Able Danger team. The IAEA had been collecting soil samples at all major explosions for several decades to run mass spectroscopy tests to detect nuclear explosion fingerprints and found them many times, including their being used in “truck bomb” terror attacks.

So “they” have been nuking us for some time, and all the world’s intelligence agencies and governments have decided that this is not something the people really need to know. But some of these countries think you should know what the nuke threat or other threat hoax of the week is, as part of their fear porn propaganda. If people don’t get up off their behinds and scream that they are not going to be treated like house pets anymore, they can expect more of the same.

Nuclear terrorism is already here, so convenient scapegoats have to be found to blame it on if it ever becomes public. All major high level psyops have a cover story built into them, in case the operation goes bad. But the longer “they” are allowed to get away with testing mini-nukes on us, with Yemen being the latest, a little demonstration is going to eventually turn into a big one. And that folks… is the real ugly part.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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