Israel and Congress go to war on the Iran agreement, and the World

66115145135437It has taken a week to sift through the initial Iran nuclear agreement confusion, but the battle lines are now clearly drawn. Israel has chosen to show that despite its diplomatic loss here it still has its hooks deep inside the American political system and the media.

This includes not only Congress, but almost all of the Republican presidential candidates who are jockeying for AIPAC support in the primaries. They will try to outdo each other as to who can be the most subservient in shilling for an Israel that seems to have shed all concern over isolating itself over its lost Iran bogeyman cause.

Israeli propaganda is a house of cards. They can never admit being wrong about anything, because they have been so wrong over just about everything. The people who claimed Iran was just around the corner from having the bomb for twenty years were preceded by the early atheistic militant communist Zionists, who declared that “God gave us the land”. Even as a young man, I had a little problem swallowing that line.

Israel fears not Iran, but its founding myth crashing down

Many years later, Israeli geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik, at Johns Hopkins University at the time, researched the genomes of Eastern and Western European Jews and compared the data with old line Semites in the Holy Land. It was bad news for the European Jews. They had no more Semite blood than the average European American. From Elhaik’s Haaretz interview:

“The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. We are talking here about groups that are very heterogeneous and which are connected solely by religion…[the] genome of European Jews is a mosaic of ancient peoples and its origin is largely Khazar.”

This modern genetic study had confirmed Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe Khazarian mass conversion story. Elhaik’s report got light mass media coverage but it did get play in the genetics community where he was denounced by the usual suspects but without refuting his science… just claiming it was bogus. He countered by inviting these same Jewish scientific detractors to submit DNA samples for Semitic gene testing, where their pooled results would be made public as to how much Holy Land blood they had. Of course, he had no takers.

I share that story because we have just completed similar “put up or shut up” testing with Israel, who never presented any intelligence to support their long claims of Iran’s nuclear program. They try to pretend that does not matter now, with their latest pitch being that the new agreement leaves Iran a “pathway to the bomb”, a carved in stone admission that they never had one.

Left out of this “pathway” charge is, how that can possibly be done when Iran has agreed to the most comprehensive monitoring of any nation on the planet? Netanyahu signaled to all of Israel’s political and media mavens that the new Jihad would now be that the agreement must be stopped to prevent Iran from “getting the bomb” by secretly outsmarting all of the monitors.

What we are seeing is a classic ploy that the best defense is a good offense. While Israel continues to paint Iran as a mortal future nuclear threat, it is avoiding a discussion of its own nuclear threat, the one that was never brought into the nuclear talks despite IRI President Rouhani’s multiple overtures for a nuclear-free Mid East.

What Israel fears most is the World finally awakening as to whom the real threat has been for fifty years. The fight Israel will put up now to stop the agreement will be a form of shadow boxing to save itself from the threat of being openly treated under the law like it wanted Iran to be treated, as a nuclear proliferator.

Besides the usual “we must defend Israel ” blather from Congressional Republicans, their first serious counter attack on the agreement was a little bit like stand – up comedy. The Republican leaders of the House and Senate demanded that Obama not proceed to with the scheduled UN Security Council ratification meeting until they had given their approval, like they were talking to a child.

They huffed and puffed that the US Congress “does not outsource American national security to the UN.” You just can’t make this stuff up, but senior Congressional leaders actually said this.  This ploy was one of the most pitiful political stunts I can remember seeing in a long time.  The White House countered that the countries supporting the agreement represented 99% of the world population.

The UNSC went ahead with its unanimous vote to ratify the agreement, and the Germans especially ran for their planes to fly to Tehran to begin finalizing some of their trade deals. While Israel and its puppets were harping “the bomb, the bomb”, the European business community was cheering “close the deal, close the deal”, which brings us to part of Iran’s strategy in making the concessions it did.

Trading Partners avoid wars with each other

In a few years, Iran will have a human shield consisting of an army of worldwide trade partners who will be investing half a trillion dollars into Iran’s soon to boom economy. They will not be timid about fighting back against the little country in the Mid East threatening to wipe out their hard-won financial gains from investments in Iran to help pull the EU out of its economic slump.

Iran knows that the Israeli Lobby influence in many Western legislatures will still remain, but there will be a growing and diverse Iran lobby that it has not had to deal with before. That lobby might decide that Israel itself needs to be eliminated as a long-term security threat, and what better way than to finally expose Israel to the sanctions regimen — where it must go through what Iran did to climb out of the hole, but with the factor of actually having a major WMD program. The world is never going to be the same for the Israelis again, but delusion will prevent them from seeing that… for a while.

Not only Obama, but Iran had its own domestic constituents to satisfy. Dr. Zarif and Dr. Salehi presented themselves to the Iranian parliament. Zarif explained that all Iran had really given up was a nuclear weapons program it neither had nor desired, in exchange for getting the sanctions removed.

And while Iran had to accept the increased inspection and monitoring regime, this was a minor inconvenience, including accepting five more years on the arms embargo in return for the Iranian people to be able to unleash their talent and resources on the world stage. Iran is inviting the world in as a partner. Dr. Salehi took full responsibility before the parliament for the reasonableness of all the technical aspects of the agreement.

Obama puts his veto squarely on the chessboard

Back on the American side, Obama knows he has the Congressional votes to sustain a veto. The Republicans know it too, but Congressmen always try to extract “enticements” for their districts on major votes like this.

Netanyahu’s fall back plan is to declare victory when the agreement is completed by extracting an increase of $12 to $15 billion in US defense commitments in the next ten-year funding plan that starts in 2018. The American people will have to borrow that money to give to Israel, and Bibi will wear that as a badge of honor that he got the US Congress to sell out its own people.

But Bibi walked back those US funding increase discussions when reminded that ploy undermined his push to have Congress vote down the deal. US media began using the old $3 billion a year number the next day.

Pentagon military threat to Iran undermines Obama

But the US has made its own goof in what had been a flawless performance since the agreement signing. Obama let SecDef Ashton Carter trot out the worn out “military option is still on the table” mantra. It was obviously a cheap palliative to the Israelis who are only impressed if it comes with a lot of cash.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States dominate Iran on military spending by ten to fifteen to one, depending on whose numbers you are using. On top of that, you can add in the US Navy and the US bases in the region. A military option is well-known to be “on the table”.  Any self-respecting country, when faced with such military power on its borders, would do all it could to protect itself, including having a credible retaliatory strike capacity, which in Iran’s case would be a conventional one.

The secret that no one wants to discuss about why the talks dragged out for so long had nothing to do with Iran’s production of “a bomb”. The West’s concern was that Iran might develop what the West and Israel already have — an arsenal of advanced tactical nukes, which are smaller, easier to assemble and have a triggering mechanism that a college grad student could design with an informed mentor.

The nuclear material needed for this is small, and no high enrichment is needed for a small, versatile 5- to 25-megaton weapon that can easily be carried by a fighter bomber or put on a cruise or medium-range missile. The warhead material needed is small and could easily be supplied by an allied government, like the US supplied to the Israelis in the 1980’s with 350 of our old 1950’s-era Davy Crockett football-sized warheads.

Could Bibi’s tactics trigger a war against the Israeli espionage in America

Real security will come when the businessmen outside of the defense industries wake up to the fact that, as long as huge sums continue to get sucked into these manufactured threats by the war crime syndicate, they will be left with the scraps, and their college grad kids hoping to find a $15 hourly wage somewhere. They are nowhere to be seen on the American political stage at this point.

But as Israel deploys all of its ideological and espionage American assets to punish Obama for getting his nuclear deal, America might get up off its knees when it comes to beating back the Israel Lobby. No American politician has ever had to pay a political price for taking the side of his own country over a foreign one.

I say this as Israel can get classified information here all day long from people in Congress, including committee chairman who have the highest clearances. The loyal intelligence community is just sick at the scale of Israel’s operations run here, primarily due to a ban on bringing prosecutions which would be so embarrassing, and more than a little blackmail power.

The American people have an opportunity give Congress and the Israeli-American Lobby some payback by relentlessly hounding them for their disloyalty. Someone put General Wesley Clark in play this week with his stunning proposal to open up concentration camps for “disloyal Americans”. He was threatening the Muslim community in regards to the recent Tennessee shootings by the young Muslim man suffering with mental issues and shame over a drunken driving conviction.

I wrote in a column that if we start to fill internment camps with disloyal Americans, then over half the seats in Congress would be emptied out, and at least one former president and his sons would be inmates. It is time for these phonies to get the disloyalty word slapped across their faces, and often. We must treat them with the disrespect they treat us.

Obama came out swinging against the Iran deal killers today, calling them the same people that wanted war with Iraq, versus a diplomatic solution. Ouch! Obama drew a line of blood in the sand, with the world on his side. He has the Israeli shills in Congress now looking like the heels that they are. Hurrah for him.

The president has asked us to get off our behinds to contact our Congressmen and “put the scare on them” as we like to say here in the South. I ask not only all Americans but people everywhere to flood Congress with demands to stop serving their foreign master. Obama has waived the green flag. It is time for us to declare war politically against Israel and its subversive lobbies, and yes, to begin prosecuting them for what they have done to all of us.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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