Japanese architect to rebuild Moscow sci-tech museum

The creator of the future face of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow was decided on Friday during a final tour of the tender. Japan’s Junya Ishigami has been given the opportunity to bring to life his green renovation plan.

The concept was developed together with Arup architectural bureau, which was involved in structuring the famous Sydney Opera House in 1973.

Junya Ishigami, the winner of the Golden Lion at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale, suggested extending the boundaries of the museum and creating a park area around it. However, the main idea is to spread the exhibition space into the museum’s yard and place exhibits in a covered garden. The historical look of the building will not be changed. However the renovation works will of course alter the interiors.

Nine out of 15 votes of the guardianship board members went to the Japanese architect, while his opponent, American Thomas Leeser, received only six.

The idea of giving a second life to the long-forgotten Polytechnic Museum sparked under the initiative of President Medvedev in 2010. The museum, which was once one of the top science and technology venues in the world, fell into decay many years ago and had slipped from public consciousness.

The renovation works are due to by finished by 2016, when the new museum will open to the public.

Another winner of the Polytechnic Museum tender was named last year. The British Event Communications Company will engage in the future concept of organizing the exhibition space and making the museum a cutting-edge center of science equipped with the latest developments in museum technology.

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