Live broadcast of Russian President’s inauguration on EN.RIA.RU

The live broadcast of the inauguration ceremony of newly-elected President Vladimir Putin will begin on EN.RIA.RU on May 7 at 11:40 a.m. 

The inauguration of newly elected President Vladimir Putin will be held in Moscow on May 7. The ceremony in accordance with the protocol will start at noon and take about 40 minutes. An escort of the newly elected head of state enters the Kremlin through the Spassky Gate, which opens only for very solemn occasions.

The newly elected head of state will be given the emblem of the President of Russia as a symbol of presidential power. The emblem is a gold chain made of two-headed eagles and medallions with the St George crosses in them, ending in a big St George cross with the gold two-headed eagle and an emerald figure of St George the Dragon-Slayer.

Then the newly elected President will take an oath, placing his hand on a special copy of the Constitution of Russia kept at the presidential library, which is considered to be the moment that marks the beginning of the leader’s term in office. After that, the President will deliver an inaugural speech.

The presidential standard will be raised above the cupola of the Kremlin administration at that moment and the anthem of Russia will be played. A 30-gun salute will be fired from the Kremlin embankment to mark Putin’s inauguration.

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