Main news of June 10


* At least eight people were killed as Syrian government troops clamped down on protestors in the restive town of Jisr al-Shughour near the Turkish border, Syrian state television said

* Israeli security forces in the West Bank arrested Hamas leader Wasfi Kabha, who served as minister for prisoner affairs in the Hamas government in 2006, al Quds Radio reported

* Polish Prosecutor Mark Pasionek is being probed over allegations that he handed secret information about a plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski to the United States, Poland’s tvn24 news channel said

* Russia will allow the imports of some types of vegetables from some EU countries after it receives guarantees from Brussels that they are safe, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said

* An increased level of radioactive cesium was registered in tea produced at a factory in Japan’s Shizuoka City, some 300 km (186.4 miles) from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, the NHK channel reported

* Russia’s Soyuz TMA-02M manned spacecraft, launched from the Baikonur space center on June 8, docked with the International Space Station (ISS), Russian Mission Control said


*Russia’s Anti Terrorism Committee said it prevented a major terrorist attack in the volatile southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria by killing six militants

* Former Yukos oil boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev left their Moscow detention center to be transferred to a prison to serve the rest of their sentences for tax evasion and embezzlement, their lawyers said

* Yury Budanov, a former Russian army colonel who symbolized army abuses in the war in Chechnya, was shot dead in central Moscow, a Russian Investigative Committee spokesman said

*The proportion of Russians wanting to emigrate has jumped to 21 percent compared to just five percent two decades ago, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center said

* A Just Russia party leader Sergei Mironov, who lost his job as speaker of the upper house of parliament last month, has been dismissed from Russia’s Security Council, according to a presidential decree published

* Russia’s special envoy to Africa, Mikhail Margelov, is preparing for a visit to Tripoli that Moscow hopes will allow it to present a “road map” for resolving the four-month-old conflict in the North African country


* The resignation of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin from the board of directors of country’s oil giant Rosneft will create risks for the company, Board Chairman Alexander Nekipelov said

* Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has two potential buyers for potash maker Belaruskali, which he valued at $30 billion

* Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the government to consider reducing its holdings to below a controlling stake in some of the state’s leading companies, as part of its privatization drive, Vedomosti business daily quoted government sources as saying

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