Main news of November 25


*Britain will stop sharing military information with Russia over Moscow’s decision to freeze compliance with the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), a government minister said

*Egypt’s ruling military council said in a statement it appointed Kamal al-Ganzouri the country’s new prime minister and charged him with forming a cabinet

*The Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church asked for the reburial of two Georgian tsars, Vakhtang IV and Teimuraz II, in Georgia during his visit to Moscow as part of the celebrations of Russian Patriarch Kirill’s birthday

*Caroline Sinz, a journalist for French TV channel France 3, was sexually assaulted in central Cairo’s Tahrir Square


*Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, widely seen as the winner in next year’s presidential elections, said his work was “difficult and nasty.”

*Moscow and Minsk have no plans to “dump” the decade-old project to create the Union State of Russia and Belarus, leaders of the two states said

*The European Space Agency (ESA) put off attempting to contact the stranded Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft until Monday, the head of the ESA office in Moscow said

*Belarus will start paying the same gas price as Russian consumers, benefitting from an integration discount, by 2014, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said after a meeting with Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko

*Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has two stakes in the legislative elections due next Sunday: his United Russia party needs to retain the majority in the future parliament and, as political analysts agree, the vote should not spoil his own presidential bid with scandals

*Diplomats have set up 369 overseas polling stations, enabling about 1.8 million Russian passport holders to vote in the December 4 parliamentary elections outside of Russia, the Foreign Ministry said

*Russian anchor Tatyana Limanova told RIA Novosti she was leaving the Ren TV news channel following an indecent gesture that world media said was directed toward U.S. President Barack Obama

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