Medvedev and Abbas discuss peaceful settlement in the Middle East

Moscow will proceed with its mediation policy in the Arab-Israeli conflict although the situation in the region has worsened, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev said during the meeting with the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow on Tuesday.  

The Russian leader confirmed it to Mr. Abbas that Russia is still interested in ceasefire between Israel and the Autonomy:

“Some time has passed since our last meeting. Unfortunately, the situation in the Middle East has only worsened. I think that today we will exchange views on the current situation in the Arab world and how it could affect the Mideast peaceful settlement.”

For his part, Mr. Abbas confirmed that Russia remains one of key partners for the Palestinian Administration to deal with on this complicated issue. Commenting on the situation in the Mideast region, Mr. Abbas said that he would like the events we have been witnessing there recently to result in democratic reforms.

Certainly, the situation in North Africa cannot but have an impact on the ‘State of Palestine’. However, the Palestinian administration is not going to give up the idea of ‘fair peace accord’ with Israel. Mr. Abbas emphasized the role of Russia in this process.

An expert at the Russian Institute of Oriental Studies Tatiana Nosenko thinks it is still too early to talk about positive changes in the process of the Mideast peaceful settlement:

“Despite the outbreaks of social unrest in the Arab world, there is no progress in the Arab-Israeli peace talks. The Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be unready for any concessions to Palestinians, who do not seem to be making any steps towards ‘national unity’.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is arriving in Moscow on Wednesday to discuss the process of Mideast peaceful settlement. Moscow expects this visit will mark a breakthrough in the dispute and says it will proceed with its role in the Quartet of Middle East mediators, which also comprises the US, the EU and the UN.

Moscow believes that Israel should stop its settlement activity in the West Bank for it is a key to successful peace talks with the Autonomy.

Meanwhile, the situation is far from stable with Israeli forces launching new strikes on Gaza in response to operations carried out by radical Palestinian groups.    

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