Medvedev expects to lead political party in future

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that he expects to lead a political party “sooner or later.”

During a visit to RIA Novosti for the news agency’s 70th anniversary, Medvedev also visited Moskovskiye Novosti newspaper, which is located in the same building. Russian leader was asked, whether he may become a head of Right Cause party, which will soon be headed by Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian tycoon who owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team. The newspaper is published by RIA Novosti and is located in the same building.

“I think that a president may lead any party, simply because of the experience he acquires,” Medvedev said. “A president is an experienced politician.”

“Am I aiming for this? I would answer you that I not only do not rule out this for myself but also I believe that sooner or later this will happen,” the president said. “Which party will it be? Allow me not to answer this question.”

Medvedev said he could lead an existing party or one he creates.

He said that in 10 years most Russian parties will have been rebranded. “We are not Britain, where the Tories and Whigs exist there for centuries,” Medvedev said. “Life is different.”

Medevedev also wished Prokhorov luck in leading Right Cause party.

Since the fall of communism, Russian leaders have maintained a degree of separation from party politics. Although Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the leader of the ruling United Russia party, he is not a member.

It is still unknown whether Medvedev will run for the next presidency term. In line with the Russian Constitution, Putin, who served two presidential terms in 2000-2008, will become eligible to run for a new presidential term in 2012. Neither he nor Medvedev have ruled out putting themselves forward.

Medvedev said earlier this month that his running for presidency simultaneously with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the 2012 elections would be counterproductive.

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