Medvedev Pledges Full Support to South Ossetia

Russia will continue to fully support South Ossetia, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.


“This is our choice, and we are not going to divert from our path,” Medvedev told the republic’s President Leonid Tibilov.


“We should discuss what we should do to change life in South Ossetia for the better faster than it happens at present, so that people could experience positive changes every day. This is our strategic plan,” he added.


Medvedev visited South Ossetia on the anniversary of the 2008 attack by Georgian forces, when they attempted to retake control over the de-facto independent republic.


The attack led to an armed confrontation with locally stationed Russian troops. South Ossetian authorities estimate the death toll at more than 1,500 people. The conflict left 67 Russian servicemen dead, including peacekeepers.


Russia officially recognized South Ossetia and another former Georgian republic, Abkhazia, as independent states on August 26, 2008. Nicaragua, Venezuela and the tiny island nations of Nauru and Tuvalu are the only countries to have followed suit, recognizing the two republics, while another Pacific nation, Vanuatu, has recognized only Abkhazia.


Tibilov invited Medvedev to attend this year’s Independence Day celebrations.


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