Moscow to Develop Navigation and Information System

Moscow is to develop an integrated data and navigation system allowing users to get guidance and information about the Russian capital using mobile phones all over the city.

The new system, dubbed Urban Orientation Information System (SGOI) will include information on Moscow’s underground and overground transport system, road signs, information monitors, and timetable displays, and will be available in English.

The new system will use QR codes to allow users to get information using smart phones, said Ilya Ruderman, RIA Novosti’s deputy editor in chief, who has been conducting research work for the project.

“These solutions in the sphere of the urban medium are currently working successfully in many cities of the world,” he said.

“Any user can use his mobile to ‘read’ the code and get constantly updated online information on practically any object in the city,” Ruderman added.

The system will let visitors to the city get information about historic buildings, access to photo archives, transport information, and listings for concerts, cinema and theaters, and exhibitions.

Russia’s mania for hi tech “gadgets” is growing rapidly, and the system will soon be accessible to many people, including visitors and residents alike, said the head of Moscow’s Culture Department, Sergei Kapkov.

“Today these innovations will be used by five percent of people, and tomorrow, ninety percent,” he said.

RIA Novosti is helping city authorities to test the system among local residents and professional experts. The agency’s design, graphics, multimedia and programmers have also advised the city on how to set up the new system.


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