Official: 284 mln drug addicts spend $320 bln on drugs annually

There are over 284 million drug addicts worldwide who spend about $320 billion a year to buy illegal narcotics, the head of Mexico’s federal police said.

Speaking at an international conference on drug control in Cancun on Wednesday, Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna said marijuana was the most widely consumed illicit drug, with 119 mln regular users around the world.

About 53 mln people regularly use amphetamines, 22 mln are addicted to opium and its derivatives, and 19 mln – to cocaine, the official said.

Garcia Luna reiterated that drug-trafficking and drug-related crime posed a serious threat to Mexico, which has become a major “drugs transit center” in Latin America.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared the fight against drug crimes his topmost priority after taking power in 2006. The high profitability of the drugs trade has, however, hampered government efforts.


MEXICO, April 7 (RIA Novosti)


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