Old Soviet Playground?

Old Soviet Playground?

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I was walking the other day with my Wife. We came around a corner and I stopped suddenly. I was amazed, For you see in front of me was this incredible building. I thought it was a home. I then realized that it was a playground. This playground was located between a 5 story building of Flats and a School. Nestled in the trees as cozy as could be. I ignored my thoughts for a week! Then this morning I decided to take pictures of the playground.

I could not stop wondering about who made this playground? Why did they make this playground? Will they let me play in this playground?

When I was a kid I would have loved this place!!! So today I played in the Old Soviet Playground!

The years have decayed the structure, but the love is still there. You could feel the desires that went into the making of this place. The wants, The Sweat, The passion, The pain! Some one put their Soul into this tiny area of ground. The results were a playground that has withstood the abuse of time and man.

I took pictures of the past today, As I stood there taking pictures I could sense the children playing. I could see the little boy driving the cars that were everywhere! I could see the World globe mounted high on its pedestal. Now the globe is a shattered remain, (Is that the future of our World?)

I looked at this playground today and thought, “Is this playground of our past, or the fore site of our future?

Hope you enjoyed the Old Soviet Playground!

Windows to Russia!

Tags: desires, imagination, love, passion, peace, playground, quiet today, , Russia, , Soviet Stories, Soviet Union, time and man, tiny area, trees

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