Ombudsman brings home Russian woman and son after custody battle

Russia’s Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov returned from Poland on Friday with a Russian woman and her son who escaped from her Norwegian husband she claimed abused her son.

Bergseth, a Russian citizen who was living in Oslo, has two sons aged four and 13.  The younger boy is a Norwegian citizen and his elder brother Alexander is a Russian citizen.

In late May both children were transferred to local guardians in Norway.

Irina Bergseth and her teenage son Alexander were detained in Poland in August at the request of Norway, after Bergseth was detained while trying to leave the EU with Alexander. Norway requested Alexander’s extradition, although the boy wished to stay with his mother.

A Polish court allowed Bergseth and her son to return to Russia in September. They flew to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport at 9:20 a.m. accompanied by the Russian ombudsman for children’s rights.

Astakhov said he was assisted by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Consulate and the Investigative Committee in obtaining permission for Bergseth and her son to return to Russia. 

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