Site in northwest Moscow could host ‘Russian Disneyland’

A Russian-themed, Disneyland-style park could be built on the territory of Tushino airfield in northwestern Moscow, Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova said.

City hall is considering the establishment of 15 new recreation zones in Moscow as part of the park development program, Shvetsova said in an interview with Russian government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta published on Friday.

Tushino airfield would be suitable for a Disneyland-style theme park based on Russian folklore, she said.

The idea of creating a Russian analogue of Disneyland in Moscow first emerged in 2005. In April 2011, the head of the Moscow City Government department in charge of international relations, Sergei Cheremin, told RIA Novosti that the city authorities were looking for investors interested in the project, which they believe would boost tourism in the capital.

Talks were being held with several major banks, construction and other companies, both Russian and foreign, he said, adding that construction of the park would require the creation of a “serious international consortium.”

The “Russian Disneyland” project would take Moscow’s climate into account, Shvetsova said.

“In Seoul, for example, a roofed Disneyland has been constructed,” she said, adding that Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited that park during his trip to South Korea in February.


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