Police captain filmed swearing at subordinates

An Omsk policeman filmed his boss swearing at subordinates during a work meeting.

The captain was shouting at his colleagues for not completing tasks and threatening to make them work overtime.

The officers try to explain to him how busy they have been – only to find themselves at the receiving end of more verbal abuse.

The incident happened in July, though the video appeared on the internet only now.

The YouTube piece immediately went viral on the web, forcing the Omsk division of the Interior Ministry to publish an official statement declaring that they would investigate the case.

According to local media, the two officers who were told off by the captain were then moved to another division.

This is not the first time that a YouTube video has led to a full-scale investigation into a Russian official.

This past February, customs officers in the Far East leaked online a homemade video clip which showed the staff dancing on desks, drinking champagne and behaving in a manner far from appropriate for state officials.

As a result, the head of the customs office was told off by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, while the 30 employees who took part in making the video lost their quarterly bonuses.

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