Police detain 3 suspected killers in Krasnoyarsk Territory

MOSCOW, August 9 (Itar-Tass) — Police in the Krasnoyarsk Territory have tracked three suspected killers of 5 people and are now conducting an operation to detain them, Investigative Committee (SK) spokesman Vladimir Markin told Itar-Tass.

“Police have established the identity of three suspected killers. At present, an operation is underway to detain them; their whereabouts have been ascertained,” Markin said.

On Monday, the body of a watchman was found in a builders’ cabin 2.5 kilometers from the Yeniseisk-Yepishchevo road, Severo-Yeniseisky district. He had gunshot wounds in the head and the stomach.

In another cabin, two badly burnt bodies were found. Police said it was not possible to immediately identify the victims. Two more bodies were found in an abandoned mine and a gully. The last two victims had worked as loggers.

Regional police earlier identified the suspects as Vladimir Sorvin, Nikolai Ageyev, Yevgeny Gagarkin and Vladimir Korolev. They all have criminal records on file. Police asked the local residents to report on the suspects’ whereabouts by calling the hotline 8 /391/ 245-96-46.Criminal proceedings were opened under the Criminal Code article over “the murder of two or more persons.”


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