Police investigate ‘ginger hate crime’ by illiterate vandals

The graffiti, which was spelled incorrectly, reads “gingers smel of piss” in large pink letters across a country road. The council has been informed.

Police are hunting the culprits behind the vandalism, which appeared on the B3227 between Chittlehampton and South Molton in Devon.

The illiterate hoodlums sprayed the offensive comment just days after plans were announced for a Ginger Pride festival taking place in nearby Plymouth.

Crime figures published last week indicate there have been several incidents in Plymouth where victims have been targeted due to the color of their hair.

There was one case of serious assault and other reports of harassment against people with red hair.

While anti-ginger sentiment has a long history in the UK, there were periods when having red hair was all the rage.

During Elizabeth I’s reign, the famously ginger-haired monarch made red hair fashionable for women throughout the country.

In medieval Britain, ginger hair was thought to be a sign of loose morals and strong sexual desire. People with red hair continue to be seen as having “fiery” personalities.

Organizers of the Ginger Pride festival hope to counter anti-redhead sentiment in the UK.

Stuart Parry, 43, said he has been trying to arrange a mass get-together of fellow ginger folk for several years.

Parry came up with the idea after seeing a South Park episode which featured “kick a ginger day” and later inspired copycat attacks on redheads.

He said: “We want to celebrate the fact that we are little bit different, but not too different.

The only thing we have in common is our hair color, but that gives us shared experiences.”

Gingers: The Gathering” is expected to take place next summer and will feature ginger-themed food and drink and a carrot cake contest.

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