‘Real Mr. Bean’: WATCH waiter’s hilarious reaction as he drops food on academic at Nobel banquet

40 chefs reportedly labored to create the lavish feast, which was attended by 1,340 guests decked out in gowns, white ties and coattails. By all accounts, the food was spectacular. The food delivery, however, was at times a bit spotty.

As some of the world’s leading minds waited for their next course, a waiter balancing a large tray attempted to alleviate an itch on the back of his head – igniting a chain of hilarious events that thankfully were all caught on camera.

Standing behind celebrated Swedish academic and president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Dan Larhammar, the hapless waiter is seen reaching behind his head to give it a good scratch – but in the process loses his balance. As a result, a piece of food tumbles from his silver tray onto the backside of Dr. Larhammar.

With a look of panicked disbelief, the waiter gently brushes crumbs off Larhammar’s probably-very-expensive coattails. The improvised food removal operation lasts only a few seconds, but judging from the waiter’s wild facial expressions, the slipup probably felt like it lasted an eternity. Afterwards, like a true professional, he acts as if nothing had happened.

Larhammar, it seems, never noticed the food snafu – either that or he was too polite to react to the waiter dusting his back.
The video has taken off on social media, with many relating their own stories of on-the-job disasters.

While people expressed solidarity with the waiter, few denied the comedy value of the short clip. One of the most popular comments on Reddit declares: “Mr. Bean IRL [in real life],” referring to the British sitcom and comedy film series starring Rowan Atkinson.


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