Run robot run! And it does just like a human (VIDEO)

Bipedal Durus-2D is shown running on a treadmill, with its metal ‘legs’ going up and down.

Durus-2D’s movements are very fluid and natural: researchers collected data from humans and analyzed it to find out how bones and muscles drive movement.

However, this robot isn’t only a marvel to look at. Scientists are sure Durus-2D could help amputees.

The robot was constructed by California-based research and development company SRI International, and AMBER (Advanced Mechanical Bipedal Experimental Robotics), a laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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The chief designer behind the idea is Aaron Ames. He and his fellow researchers make up the same team that developed NASA’s Valkyrie humanoid robot, which can work in deep space.

The robot footage garnered over 90,000 views in a few days, with reactions ranging from this “robot invasion style scares” to “amazing.”

Robots made world headlines last week, after the humanoid Sophia became the most photographed female at the SXSW (South By Southwest), festival of film, music and emerging technologies in Austin, Texas.

And Durus-2D isn’t the first running robot attracting the public’s attention. Last May, Massachusetts Institute of Technology posted a video of a cheetah bot that can run at speeds of up to 45km per hour.

In February, Boston Dynamics lab posted footage of a robot called Atlas. It triggered an online storm, getting over 14 million views. Atlas, a humanoid, can operate indoors and outdoors, walk, lift objects, and stand up again if it falls.

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