Russian opposition plans rally for fair elections

Russian political parties plan to hold a rally one day before the congress of the ruling United Russia party demanding fair elections in December’s parliamentary polls.

The United Russia party will gather on November 27 and is expected to nominate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as its candidate for next year’s presidential election.

Gennady Gudkov, a deputy head of the A Just Russia party, said his party together with the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), the Right Cause and Yabloko parties intend to hold a rally on the afternoon of November 26 in Moscow.

“Today we are trying to unite all political forces around a common problem. There are no free and fair elections in Russia. There are way too many falsifications in Russia,” Gudkov said.

He said the invitations to join the rally were also sent to the Russian Communist Party and to the Patriots of Russia. The communists said they will be doing everything on their own, while the latter did not reply at all.

The permission for the rally from the municipal authorities has not been granted yet, as in line with laws organizers of the rally should apply for one not earlier than 10 days before the event.


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