Russian president calls on media to avoid senseless news stories

Dmitry Medvedev would not like to tell mass media what their policy should be but wants them to avoid putting senseless news stories at the top, the Russian president said.

“Often, very important news stories relating to our life disappear and things that are of an extremely subjective, or even senseless, nature, become the key ones and top news wires becoming headlines in different media,” Medvedev said on Saturday at a meeting with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The president said this results in people having a distorted picture of what is going on around them.

“It is hard for me to teach media anything. First of all, because this should not be done by the head of state, otherwise they could say he is trying to dictate something,” he said. “Second, there are the rules of the genre.”

“But these rules should be just, at least to a small degree, and should separate the most important events from what will disappear from the news in a day,” Medvedev said.


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