Russians Alina Kashlinskaya Could Become Europe’s Youngest Grandmaster!


Try this on for size: You think you got what it takes to play chess with a 15 year old?

Think again…

The World Chess Federation (FIDE) sets certain criteria for a player to become a Grandmaster. He or she must take part in an international competition where other Grandmasters play and end up with an Elo rating which reflects a skill level of at least 2400.

Alina achieved a total of three of these norms on February 8 at Russia’s biggest chess tournament, the Moscow Open. This entitles the 15-year-old to receive the honorary title. The Russian Chess Federation will send a request to FIDE’s next congress. (Link)

Seems this young lady is amazing at chess and I would say that we will hear allot about her in the years to come. She says that chess is not really a sport per say, but a form of art that is very intricate in design and pattern.

Kyle & Svet

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