Windows to Russia is Getting a Face Lift!


Bare with me for a few days. This blog has finally found what it is to become. A Gazette.*

*The term gazette normally refers to a newspaper.

The word comes from gazzetta, a Venetian coin used to buy early Italian newspapers; the coin became a name for the papers themselves. The word was loaned into English to describe a newspaper.

“Gazette” came to be used for an official government paper with the creation of the London Gazette, first published in 1665 under the title of The Oxford Gazette. This was one of the first publications in the world that could be termed a “newspaper”. The Edinburgh Gazette came into existence in 1699, the Dublin Gazette in 1706 and the Belfast Gazette appeared in 1921.

“Gazette”, by extension, has come to be used as the name of mainstream newspapers in the print media, such as the Montreal Gazette (for others in this genre, see The Gazette).

Svet and I have made some changes in the Windows to Russia Blogs and over the next few days you will see the transformation.

Kyle & Svet

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