Saakashvili called opposition members, visiting Russia “lame ducks” – News –

Saakashvili called opposition members, visiting Russia “lame ducks” – News – “Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, called opposition members, who visit Russia and conduct there official meetings ‘lame ducks’ and even ‘douches’ – Georgia Times correspondent in Tbilisi.

The speech was pronounced yesterday, at the ceremony of opening school #3 in Borjomi, repaired and, according to presidential administration, meeting modern standards.

Saakashvili told that in August war the Georgian side hid its artillery in Borjomi forest, ‘practically in the enemy’s rear’.

‘And though local Georgians and local Ossetians knew pretty well where the artillery is hidden, they didn’t yield its location to the enemy and in this way saved 100 per cent of our artillery,’ Saakashvili said.

In his view, the ‘lame ducks’ and ‘douche’ opposition leaders, often staying in Kremlin [‘Georgia’s enslavers’], cannot do anything, and Georgia must do its affairs by people’s will.

‘With their trips, they recognize that the fate of Georgia must be decided in the Kremlin. This generation will no longer take this. Georgia`s internal affairs will no longer be arranged by adversaries, but the people of Georgia will solve its problems,’ he said – Rustavi 2

Saakashvili added that Georgia would no longer bend down on its knees before anyone.”

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