Svyazinvest Telecom to Pay 2011 Dividends

Russian national telecoms holding Svyazinvest will pay dividends for 2011, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on Friday.

“We have funds to pay dividends this is why the decision [to pay them] will be fulfilled. [The company] has enough funds to pay dividends of 13 percent from [the net profit],” Dvorkovich told reporters.

Svyazinvest General Director Vadim Semyonov said the holding had received a directive to vote for a dividend payment approval, and said it would higher than in 2010, but did not give a figure.

In 2010 Svyazinvest paid 669.5 million rubles ($20.670 million) worth of dividends, a 25 percent share of the company’s net profit.


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