The Tandem Can’t Drive!

WATCH: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s car nearly crash into a crowd of people, seemingly because somone forgot to put on the handbrake.

Maybe Russia’s leaders should just stay away from cars.

During his visit to Kazan over the weekend, President Dmitry Medvedev’s car nearly crashed into a crowd of people. Somebody apparently forget to put on the handbrake after parking the car on a hill.

And while Medvedev had trouble stopping his car, last month Prime Minister Vladimir Putin couldn’t manage to get his started — at least for awhile.

During a visit to an auto plant in the city of Togliatti, Putin struggled for a long time to start a new Lada Granta. According to reporters on the scene, Putin also struggled to open the car’s trunk, and had to be assisted by at least two executives.

— RFE/RL Central Newsroom

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