Thousands gather for pro-United Russia rally (VIDEO)

Supporters of the ruling United Russia party rallied in central Moscow to celebrate the party’s victory in the recent parliamentary elections. The event, called “Clear victory,” gathered about ten thousand people.

­The participants included United Russia members and supporters, activists of “The Young Guards of United Russia,” and unions.

The event was held in Revolution Square in the very downtown of Moscow, where supporters set up a stage with portraits of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. First deputy chairman of United Russia’s General Council Presidium, Andrey Isaev was hosting the event.

He addressed the crowds saying, “We gathered here to say ‘No!’ to those, who were trying to besmear the expression of our will, and to take away from people their right to democratically choose Russia’s power through elections.

Another United Russia official, the head of the party’s Executive Committee, Andrey Vorobyov added that all those who gathered in Revolution Square came to thank every single person who came to the ballot stations on Sunday.

It was 60 million people, we won in fair competition, the majority voted for us,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the second day, opposition supporters are holding their own, unsanctioned rallies in central Moscow.

On Monday, police arrested over 300 protesters as thousands gathered and tried to march to the Central Election Commission building.

Tuesday saw some 300 more arrested during an opposition rally at Triumfalnaya Square.

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