Thousands of refugees arrive at Austrian border, start boarding trains to Vienna, Salzburg

Some of the refugees have started boarding a train provided by the Austrian authorities. It was reported earlier they were sending two trains to pick up refugees – one will bring them to Salzburg and the other to Vienna.

“Our biggest problem is that the Hungarians – after checking back with Budapest – are refusing to let our buses enter their territory and pick up the refugees,” Hans Peter Doskozil, chief of the police in the Austrian province of Burgenland, told Reuters.

“We offered them that they can bring the refugees directly to the trains, or to the shelter (on the Austrian side), but they just stop the buses on the Hungarian side, everyone has to get off in the rain,” he added.

Law enforcers expect the number of refugees to more than double during the day.

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Hungary organized a corridor from Budapest to the Austrian border on Friday night, deploying over one hundred buses to clear refugee camps in the capital and pick up hundreds of asylum seekers traveling the main highway towards Vienna.

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Exhausted families were happy to leave Budapest on their way to a “new life,” while the Austrian Red Cross prepared to host, feed and shelter thousands of new arrivals at their border reception center.

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