UN urges Libyan authorities to create army, prepare elections

UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION, September 4 (Itar-Tass) —— The Transitional National Council (TNC) of Libya should concentrate its efforts on ensuring security, law and order in the country. Aside from it, it should start preparations for free and democratic elections, Ian Martin, special representative of the U.N. Secretary-General, now staying in Tripoli on a visit, said on Sunday.

He said in an interview with Reuters that TNC had assumed important commitments, had demonstrated its intention to move by the path of democracy and had made it clear that it counted on the assistance of the United Nations Organisation. Martin said as well he realised that some time should pass before the holding of elections, but stressed that Libyans should start preparations for them without delay, in order to fulfil the commitments assumed.

According to Martin, at present the world community is especially concerned over the spreading of weapons on the Libyan territory. He urged the Libyan authorities to resolve the problem as soon as possible. He believes it is necessary to overcome the present situation, with many armed people taking part in the conflict, and to pass over to the creation of a single public security service and a regular army, which Libya has not had so far.

Martin came to Tripoli on Saturday and started talks with representatives of the provisional Libyan government on the same day, the U.N. press service reported. The assistance that TNC might need for overcoming the consequences of the armed conflict and for creating state institutions was in the centre of the discussions.

According to the U.N. press service, Martin’s trip to Tripoli is a natural continuation of the international conference in support for the new Libya, held in Paris last Thursday. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon assured that the U.N. would continue to help Libya to cope with humanitarian challenges and to create a democratic and stable state.


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