US racist woman humiliates parking attendant for overdue fee – warning, explicit language! (VIDEO)

The woman and her girlfriend arrived at the garage on Broadway in New York seven minutes late to collect their car and were slapped a $15 fine.

Instead of coughing up, one of them went berserk and turned the air blue. In the three-minute clip, the woman keeps humiliating the man who is not shown.

She lashes out at the attendant accusing him of poor English skills, being a looser and mocking his place of birth and job.

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“Why don’t you learn to speak English? You f**king idiot! You’re garbage! You’re a piece of s**t!” she keeps on shouting for several minutes.

No one present at the scene tried to bring the woman to reason and curtail her racist rant.

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However, one online comment invited others to identify “this chick and embarrass the s**t out of her,” and others roundly condemned her behavior.

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