US unemployment drop: ‘Food stamp’ falsehood

The US Department of Labor has reported an unexpected fall in the unemployment rate, which trend forecaster Gerald Celente thinks, means that the Democrats are just spinning the numbers to their own advantage.

­The US unemployment rate has reportedly dropped to a 32-month low of 8.6 per cent.

That provides a major boost in trust for Barack Obama in the presidential election run up.

However, Republicans remain unimpressed, saying the jobless rate is in any case higher than when Obama took office.

“When you look at the real numbers in who got the jobs, it is food stamp employees,” pinpoints Gerald Celente, explaining that these ‘jobs’ are low-ranking positions in retail.

The forecaster accuses the authorities of turning out the pockets of taxpayers and merely giving the appearance of employment instead.

“The big lie that no one is talking about is they pump up this weak number [of employed Americans], they need 125,000 jobs a month – a month! – just to account for the new people moving into the economy and population growth,” says Celente, “So that leaves all the people that have lost all these jobs since the great recession hit still out of work.”

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