When 2 good men speak: Elton John prank exposed (AUDIO)

The pop star confesses he loves Russia, says he’s happy to accept “Putin’s” invitation to meet in mid-November and take part in Russian Gay Pride. They also agree to spread the word of the phone call in the media.

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Transcript of the prank phone call with Sir Elton John in full follows. Please note, the prankster’s English has not been edited.

Prankster:He told that he estimates everything what you invest in for music culture and for human rights in the world.

Elton John: Tell him that I’m extremely honored that he is calling me and that I’m speaking to him. It is a great privilege to be able to speak to one of the most influential people in the world. It’s amazing.

Prankster:He told that he heard that you wanted to talk to him about all important problems in Russian life.

EJ: Well that is incredible. I’m a musician and a philanthropic person and a humanitarian. I’m not a politician but I would love to sit down with the president and discuss things face to face, because I think we can solve many issues together.

Prankster:He heard that you were in Ukraine…

EJ: Yep!

Prankster:Not long ago, and you were talking with Mr. Poroshenko and he thought it was like a political event.

EJ: No. It was not a political thing. I was just asking him to embrace the LGBT population in Ukraine because they can help boost the economy in Ukraine. And my position is that people who are gay should be included in all walks of life and given basic freedom.

Prankster:Mr Putin told that he sincerely understands  that what you mean, but he thinks that Mr Poroshenko used that meeting like political event…

EJ: Well…that is not my concern. I mean if Mr Poroshenko did that, than I’m sorry for that, because I meant to…I didn’t mean to make it as a political speech. I meant to make it as a humanitarian speech. And you can tell the president that I’ve loved Russia since 1979 when I first came there. And I love Russian people very dearly and I love the country. I’ve always had so much kindness. I don’t want to get mixed up in a political dialogue. I’m not a politician and I want to talk on a humanitarian basis to the president face to face. What happened with Mr Poroshenko is Mr Poroshenko’s problem. It is not my problem. And if there was any embarrassment caused, then I regret that. But I did not go there to see Mr Poroshenko to be political. I went there to be a humanitarian.

Prankster:He understands that it was not political event and he just want to ask you – what do you think, what are most important problems in LGBT life in Russia? What is the most important problems we have? What we can do to resolve it?

EJ: Well, I think the violence towards LGBT people. They don’t feel safe. But this is something I don’t really want to talk about over the phone to be honest with you, Dmitry. It is just someday I will have a dialogue with the president face to face. And would welcome that because things get done better when you see somebody and you meet them. And if both of our offices can find a convenient date where we can convene and have a real wonderful discussion that would be a miracle and that would be fantastic. And it will be a dream come true.

Prankster:It is a good idea. And it is the best time to meet and talk face to face…

EJ: That would be good…

Prankster:… in November, because it is really hard schedule now, and…

EJ: of course…

Prankster:…and we will find the best time in November. It could be probably…approximately in the mid of November.

EJ: Please tell the president I’m not coming in to cause trouble. I’m coming in to talk to him on a one-to-one level because of my love for Russia and because I just want the humanitarian issue to be, you know, to be made better. And I’m extremely grateful, please reiterate, that he has found the time to call me when his schedule is so unbelievably busy.

Prankster:Mr. Putin told that the meeting will be organized in the middle of November anyway.

EJ: That would be fantastic. I thank him so much. I’m sure we will have a great meeting and I just want to make the world a better place. That is all.

Prankster:(translates from English to Russian)

EJ: I have Obama on the other line…(laughs)

Prankster:Mr Putin talked about – do you think it is a good reason for the Gay Parade in November in Russia, I mean that meeting? And is it possible for you to take a part in it? And he asked…

EJ: I would like to do that. Yes. That would be fantastic…

Prankster:Ok. And he also asked what do you think about Gay Parades in Ukraine where it was in Odessa where it was crashed by Nazis?

EJ: It was horrible. The Gay Pride in Ukraine was 250 people. It lasted for 10 minutes and they fought for an hour. But if he wants me to come to Gay Pride in Moscow, yes, I’ll come to the Gay Pride.

Prankster:Mr. President also it is the best time to meet in November so we can discuss everything face to face.

EJ: OK. Well thank you very much, Dmitry. That would be wonderful.


EJ: Thank you for your time.

Prankster:Yes. Thank you

EJ: And I look forward to meeting the president. And again, please thank him for his time and please tell him, he’s made my day, ok?

Prankster:Oh, thank you so much. And also the president told is it ok to spread it media or not?

EJ: Yes, he can say he has talked to me, of course, and that we hope to meet and discuss things in the future. Ok?

Prankster:And you also can do it.

EJ: Yes. I will do it. It is a very wonderful moment in my life. Thank you.

Prankster:Thank you. Have a nice day.

EJ: Goodbye


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