Win or Lose In Ukraine: Some Rich Bastard Wins

435345345The conflict in Ukraine today is the handiwork of greedy, evil men intent on only one goal – profit at any cost – profit no matter what. I think most people understand this by now. What readers may not know though, are those instrumental in the death dealing, the banking elite who pull the economic strings. I hope you will help me positively identify the chief suspect in the case of the destruction of a European nation.

An illuminating discussion with the Nation‘s Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor, is required listening for anyone interested in the new Cold War. Cohen, for those unfamiliar, is an American scholar of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University, one of the world’s leading experts. The segment I refer to, it reveals the real nature of this conflict. Cohen lays bare the irrevocable dependence of Ukraine on Russia, first of all. Then like a stroke of lightning, the often confusing role of Petro Poroshenko arises.

Petro Poroshenko – No Daffy Duck

I’ll allow the reader to listen in for the rest, but it is on Poroshenko’s seeming madness I would like to dwell. Cohen wonders at the Ukrainian president’s strategy in continually aggravating Ukraine-Russia relations in the radio bit. In particular, the Princeton professor wonders at Poroshenko’s most recent track of wanting Russia to lose her veto power as a member of the United Nations security council? With his country about to default, Winter coming on, and almost all of Ukraine’s manufacturing headed to Russia, Cohen questions Poroshenko’s sense of reality. “We have to wonder what parallel universe he’s living in,” Cohen suggests. The head of a “beggar state”, Cohen’s words, simply must get help from the IMF and outside investors via something known as “a haircut” on the debt Ukraine owes. It is in this “business” aspect of the Ukraine conflict the true villains can be identified. My contention is, Poroshenko knows exactly what he is doing, the biggest bankers in the world are telling him every move.

The reason Petro Poroshenko is waving his fist at Russia is simple. He’s being told to, and his interest in Ukraine has been profit all along. Now if you’ll bear with me, I’ll explain all for all my wounded friends in the East and West of Ukraine. The benefactors of this war win no matter what, and one of the biggest benefactors of the Ukraine crisis is Rothschild Inc.

Following Cohen’s discussion further, we hear some interesting names mentioned with regard to Ukraine’s external debt. This “haircut” situation involves the writing down of debt Ukraine’s debtors are owed. Toxic asset buzzards like world renowned Franklin Templeton bond wonder boy Michael J. Hasenstab are mentioned. Hasenstab, who convinced Templeton investors to throw in on sagging Ukraine government bonds, is taking a beating because the move to EU membership backfired. And so are dozens of other “speculators” that betted on NATO’s expansion into the former Soviet satellite. This is where our old friends the Rothschilds come in.

The old world banking family that funded every war Europe has had since 1800, is also hedging bets in Ukraine. Evidence of this is prevalent enough in the family’s dealings in Ukraine, whether or not the country prospers, or even if Poroshenko scuttles the whole country. Debt, you see, works for Rothschild Inc. no matter what happens. Let me show you how.

Poroshenko is running about proclaiming Russia public enemy No. 1, and “willfully disrupting trade agreements still in place with Russia,” and to what end? Even after almost two years of war, Russia is still Ukraine’s largest trading partner. Cohen and John Bachelor go on to point out the current refugee crisis, and how the millions Russia has already accepted are not even reported by BBC and other mainstream media. But it’s Poroshenko’s “win” in all this that frames my argument. He’s no idiotic Daffy Duck sputtering about like a whacko. The name Giovanni Salvetti is fundamental to understanding my “win or lose” scenario.

Magic Banker Mysticism

Giovanni Salvetti is the Managing Director of Rothschild Inc. in Russia and CIS, a man instrumental in the whole Ukraine investment farce. I find it fascinating that the man who runs Rothschild business in Russia and the CIS, has been retained by Poroshenko to help sell his billion dollar Rochen chocolate operations. Potential buyers are said to include Switzerland’s Nestle SA and Cadbury’s U.S. parent, Mondelez International Inc., and Rothschild has made money off Nestle many times in the past. Long story short, Rothschild is now advising a cartel of Ukraine investors as to strategies to escape disaster. The only major player not “buying” Rothschild expertise and leverage is the aforementioned scalp hunter Hasenstab, and Franklin Templeton.

Some insiders suggest Franklin Templeton is in fact controlled by the Rothschild family anyway, but this matter little. What is important is that these bankers take a cut of the restructuring administration fees, the profits if their funds come out, or the takeover win if Ukraine’s economies crash. This PDF tells how Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe wins on commissions and otherwise from a fund that invests in Russia, no less. What significant in that report is how Rothschild’s agents shed a positive light on such vestments as the now faltering company Mriya, and I quote:

“Our agro (7%) exposure was 3% higher in 2013 as MHP was flat and Mriya traded 15% higher during the year. Our agro stocks are cheap at 4-5x 2014 P/E and represent one of best run global soft commodity companies.”

For clarity here, understand Rothschild and even Franklin Templeton take a profit if Ukraine succeeds or if its economy fails. The case of Ukraine agri-giant Mriya mentioned above, is as good an example as any. Giovanni Salvetti now advises the failing argi-business’ creditors on restructuring the debt from wayward loans suggested by PROSPERITY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD, a fund Rothschild Inc. is on the board of directors of. With Mriya now in receivership, the roughly 300,000 (750,000 acres) hectares of lands the company owned was bought for a tenth its worth in 2013 before the Ukraine civil war.

So, ff the Rothschild “bets” increase the value of state supported banks and companies pay off, investors in Rothschild make a win. Conversely, if investor bets in Ukraine falter, and if the country defaults, then the Ukraine’s government must complete privatization of the country, including the rest of state industrial property, land and natural resources. In this case assets of companies defaulted to the likes of Franklin Templton and other structures belonging to the Rothschilds will gain enormously. In effect, the bankers mimic the robber barons of old, grabbing up valuable assets for a penny on the dollar. And this says nothing for debt distributed to rebuild war torn areas in the Donbass, or even Syria and across North Africa.

To round out what Salvetti and Rothschild have to do with conflict, this assessment of Belarus privatization potential by Rothschild is belies the real motives of these sharks. Belarus, given the same modus operandi we have seen in Ukraine, would succumb similarly to geo-strategic positioning next door to Moscow. So we see in overall Rothschild operations, more than simply suggesting a vestment in these countries. It’s fair for me to say, everywhere there is a problem in Europe or the CIS, the Rothschild players benefit no matter what (See this consumer advisory). This is true on a global scale too. I case you have failed to guess, the Mad Hatter is a banker, one that practices slight of hand like Houdini. Hell, Salvetti projects the inherent win to investors right here so that the big win can be achieved later! “Creditors are ready to fiancé transparent agrarian businesses in Ukraine – Mriya is about to receive $25 million.” That’s the headline from BlackSeaGrain, and Salvetti is the Pied Piper.

Toxic Assets – A European Fire Sale

Cohen goes on to call our attention to the near 50,000 people dead on account of this civil war (German accounts). He further projects the stark reality of this conflict, a new Cold War that extended from Beijing and Moscow, throughout the Middle East, and into Europe, North America, and the rest of the world! What began in the East of Ukraine essentially has now spread over the planet. And US President Barack Obama has blamed each facet on Vladimir Putin. Lest I remind you, Vladimir Putin is not on the board of directors of Rothschild Inc. In fact Russia is one of the only countries in the world not saddled with unmanageable external debt. Basically, Putin is not controlled by Western bankers like so many other world leaders are.

I know this discourse must be mind bending for most readers. One reason the public has no control over world events these days is the complexity and even the boredom of studying “bean counter” wiles. Wall Street, hedge funds, government bonds, margins, the machinations of “suits” not many of us would even care to play golf with, they are a plague really. Who has time to read into the history of the Rothschild banking family? What if I include the interests of the Rockefeller family in Ukraine today? What if I showed you linkages in between David Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton? It should be enough to raise your suspicions, the fact Ukraine’s president hired the investment firm Rothschild Inc. to sell off his assets, while at the same time Rothschild is neck deep investing in his country, AND leveraging investors, so to help free up more money to toss onto the Ukraine civil war pyre.

The feature image of this post is from the 10th Yalta Annual Meeting of YES (Founder by billionaire oligarch Victor Pinchuk). In the photo Giovanni Salvetti is seated in the centere, flankes on his right by Lord Risby, and on his left by George Kikvadze of Terra Food Holding. At that time Petro Poroshenko was the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. You’ll find innumerable familiar faces in the crowd there in Yalta including;

What’s significant for now though, are the worlds of Poroshenko back then. I leave you with his quote just before all hell broke loose in Ukraine:

“The world has been ruled by the countries possessing oil and gas, but in the next decade the leadership will pass to countries possessing food and water.”

Now can you help me identify the main culprit in the crime of dispossessing millions of their legacy?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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