WTO Membership: Way away from commodities?

WTO Membership: Way away from commodities?

Published: 10 November, 2011, 14:52

Jacob Nell, chief economist at Morgan Stanley, Russia, explains to Business RT what will be the economic impact of Russia’s WTO membership

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Russia’s WTO accession will not create immediate economic bonuses, as “it’s not like turning a key and starting an engine,” Jacob Nell from Morgan Stanley explains to RT. Longer term, however, he says it might help
Russia overcome its oil curse.

Today: 14:33

Russia seals WTO accession

Russia has crossed the winning post in its 18-year run for WTO accession. The working group in Geneva cleared all the remaining hurdles for Moscow’s long awaited membership.

Today: 15:22

Pirelli – Formula Russia

Formula 1 tyre manufacturer Pirelli is going to start production at two modern Russian plants.

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