Drunk Siberian Man Throws Grenade at Pedestrians

Siberian police have opened a criminal case against a man who attacked pedestrians with a hand grenade after they rebuked him and his friends for drinking alcohol in a public place, a police spokesman said on Sunday.

The incident occurred in the city of Krasnoyarsk late on Saturday. A group of five pedestrians spotted three men drinking alcohol in the courtyard of a residential house. In the ensuing row, one of the pedestrians hit an abuser, forcing him and his buddies out of the courtyard.

They returned shortly afterwards, however, with a grenade which was thrown at the offenders.

An explosion blew several window glasses out of the nearby house and damaged two cars. The five were slightly injured by splinters.

Police found fragments of a Soviet-designed RGD-5 time-delay grenade at the site. A criminal case has been launched over attempted murder.

Russian laws prohibit drinking alcohol anywhere outside one’s own home or licensed bars and restaurants.


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