St Pete’s Tovstonogov Drama Theatre to be completely overhauled.

30/7 Tass 80

NOVO-OGARYOVO, July 30 (Itar-Tass) — The St. Petersburg-based Tovstonogov Drama Theatre will be completely overhauled, Russian Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeyev said at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Saturday.

According to the minister, all emergency repair works in the theatre are over. “The theatre gives performances at a new temporary venue – first it was the Variety Theatre, now they have moved to the Gorky Culture Home,” said Avdeyev, who visited the theatre on Thursday.

A total of 700 million roubles were allocated to overhaul the theatre, the minister said. “Design documents are ready and are now being studied by experts. As soon as they are through, large-scale works will be kicked off. We hope the expert opinion will be ready in a couple of weeks,” Avdeyev added.

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