Syrian delegation to thank Russia for its support during Moscow visit

A Syrian delegation that includes members of opposition political parties begins a four-day visit to Moscow on Monday.

The main aim of the visit is to report on the “real situation in Syria,” Ali Haidar, the leader of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, said at a news conference in Damascus on Thursday.

“A lot has been said about Syria, but it does not reflect the real situation. We operate in all provinces of our country and we know what is going on there,” he said.

The Secretary General of the National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists Qadri Jamil said the delegation planned to thank Russia for preventing foreign interference in Syrian affairs.

“Noninterference opens the road for peaceful ways of resolving the crisis and carrying out reforms by Syrian means and gives the people’s movement an opportunity to get what they want,” he said.

Haidar denied that Moscow and Beijing’s veto of the UN resolution helped the regime of Bashar Assad. “The veto of the Security Council resolution is a shield for the people’s movement,” he said.

The delegation will include “people affiliated with the popular movement,” Jamil said.


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